Faculty Directory
David Morton

Chair of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

David A. and Karen Richards Sachs Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Director, Center for Optimization and Statistical Learning


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech C216
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

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Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences


Ph.D. Operations Research, Stanford University, CA

M.S. Operations Research, Stanford University, CA

B.S. Mathematics and Physics, Stetson University, FL

Research Interests

Stochastic optimization and its application to energy, security, and health systems.

Selected Publications

    W. Romeijnders, D.P. Morton, and M.H. van der Vlerk, "Assessing the quality of convex approximations for two-stage totally unimodular integer recourse models," INFORMS Journal on Computing 29, 211-231 (2017). 

    H.-C. Huang, O. Araz, D.P. Morton, G. Johnson, P. Damien, B. Clements, L. A. Meyers, "Stockpiling ventilators for an influenza pandemic," Emerging Infectious Diseases 23, 914-921 (2017).

    V.L. de Matos, E.C. Finardi, and D.P. Morton, "Assessing policy quality in a multistage stochas- tic program for long-term hydrothermal scheduling," Annals of Operations Research 253, 713-731 (2017).  

    F. Lu, J.J. Hasenbein, and D.P. Morton, "Modeling and optimization of a spatial detection system to minimize abandonment rate," INFORMS Journal on Computing 28, 512-526 (2016). 

    G. Vojvodic, A.I. Jarrah, and D.P. Morton, "Forward thresholds for operation of pumped-storage stations in the real-time energy market," European Journal of Operational Research 254, 253-268 (2016).

    A. Koc and D.P. Morton, "Prioritization via stochastic optimization," Management Science, 61, 586-603 (2015).

    V. Kozmik and D.P. Morton, "Evaluating policies in risk-averse multi-stage stochastic programming," Mathematical Programming, 152, 275-300 (2015).

    J. Lee, J.J. Hasenbein and D.P. Morton, “Optimization of stochastic virus detection in contact networks,” Operations Research Letters 43, 59-64 (2015).

    C. Caramanis, N.B. Dimitrov and D.P.Morton, “Efficient algorithms for budget-constrained Markov decision processes,” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 59, 2813-2817 (2014). 

    W.J. Cole, D.P. Morton, and T.F. Edgar, "Optimal electricity rate structures for peak demand reduction using economic model predictive control," Journal of Process Control, 24, 1311-1317 (2014).

    K.M. Sullivan, J.C. Smith and D.P. Morton, “Convex hull representation of the deterministic bipartite network interdiction problem,” Mathematical Programming 145, 349-376 (2014).

    D.P. Morton and I. Popova, "Modeling hedge fund leverage via power utility with subsistence," Journal of Derivatives and Hedge Funds 19, 77-85 (2013). 

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