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Ian Horswill

Associate Professor of Computer Science


2233 Tech Drive
Mudd Room 3537
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-467-1256Email Ian Horswill


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Computer Science


Master of Science in Robotics Program

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Ph.D. Computer Science, MIT, Cambridge, MA

S.M. Computer Science, MIT, Cambridge, MA

B.CSci., University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota

Research Interests

My work lies roughly within the areas of artificial intelligence and interactive art and entertainment.  My AI research focuses on control systems for autonomous agents: how does an agent decide from moment to moment what to do, based on an ongoing stream of sensor data and a continually varying set of goals and entanglements with the world.  My past work focused on robotics and computer vision, but my more recent work centers around the the modeling and simulation of emotion, personality, and social behavior for virtual characters for games and interactive narrative.  Interactive narrative is particularly interesting for AI because it provides a natural domain in which to examine aspects of human personality and behavior that one would not want to duplicate in service robots, such as aggression and depresssion.

Within interactive art and entertainment, I'm interested in exploring alternative genres and interaction modes that can expand the medium.  Interactive narrative is particularly interesting because it offers the promise of an aesthetics that emphasizes experiences of identification, empathy, and affiliation, over mastery, frustration, and control.  However, making a piece that provides those experiences in practice is a difficult task that involves a number of interesting research problems in computer science and cognitive science.

Selected Publications

  • Ian Horswill, Rob Zubek, and Matt Viglione, “Game AI Pro 3”, CRC Press, (2017)
  • Ian D. Horswill, “Dear leader's happy story time”, WS-16-21, (2016)
  • Leif Foged and Ian Horswill, “Game AI Pro 2”, A K Peters/CRC Press, (2015)
  • Ian Horswill, “Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Games: Integration”, Dagstuhl Seminar Series, (2015)
  • Sukthankar, Gita; Horswill, Ian, “The ninth annual AAAI conference on artificial intelligence and interactive digital entertainment (AIIDE): A report”, AI Magazine, (2014)
  • Young, R. Michael; Horswill, Ian; Jhala, Arnav; Dill, Kevin; Orkin, Jeff, “Preface”, Proceedings of the 10th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, AIIDE 2014, (2014)
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