Faculty Directory
Robert Chang

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Director, Materials Research Institute


2220 Campus Drive
Cook Hall 2036; Office - Cook 2011
Evanston, IL 60208

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Materials Research Institute


Materials Science and Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


PhD Program in Applied Physics


Post-doc, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Ph.D. Plasma Physics, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

S.B. Physics, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Research Interests

Our group focuses on the following studies: 

Unconventional Solar Cell Design, Fabrication and Analysis: Using state-of-the-art materials science and technology approaches, we are constructing one of a kind high efficiency solar cells.

Nanostructured Carbon Sheets, Tubes and Molecules: Recently we developed a technique whereby large quantities of nano-structured carbon materials can be grown at high temperatures. These very high-quality nanomaterials have been used to fabricate flat panel displays and energy-generation and storage devices. 

Photonic crystals: The fabrication of ZnO-based photonic crystals that can also lase has been an important part of the group research. We are currently imbedding quantum dots into these materials to study resonant effects for highly sensitive detection of molecules. 

Amorphous Semiconducting Oxide Films: We have been studying a class of unique complex amorphous oxide films which have high optical transparency and electron mobility. A fundamental understanding of this exotic material system will lead to the development of a new generation of transparent field effect integrated circuits and energy systems. 

Nanostructured Plasmonic Materials in the Infrared: We have started the investigation of 2-D and 3D oxide-based plasmonic materialsfor the purpose of molecular detection and manipulation in the infrared region of the spectrum.  This effort will advance the understanding of molecular chemistry and dynamics.

Significant Recognition

  • Materials Research Society (MRS): President, 1989; Fellow, 2008; Woody Award, 1987; Councilor, 1986-8 & 1992-4
  • Honorary Member of Materials Research Societies of India, Japan and Korea
  • Siu Lien Ling Wong Fellow, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1999
  • Fellow, American Vacuum Society
  • NSF Director's Distinguished Teaching Scholar Award, 2005

Significant Professional Service

  • Member, International Advisory Board of NIMS, Japan
  • Member, "Visionary Board" of MINATEC, CEA, France
  • General Secretary & Founding President, International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS)

Selected Publications

  • Xiangfan Chen, Peijun Guo, Biqin Dong, Zhirou Zhang, Robert P H Chang, Cheng Sun, “Theoretical and experimental manipulation of plasmon-polariton bandgaps at infrared frequencies in indium-Tin-oxide nanorod arrays”, 2016 IEEE Photonics Conference, IPC 2016, (2017)
  • Peijun Guo, Matthew S. Weimer, Jonathan D. Emery, Benjamin T. Diroll, Xinqi Chen, Adam S. Hock, Robert P.H. Chang, Alex B.F. Martinson, Richard D. Schaller, “Conformal Coating of a Phase Change Material on Ordered Plasmonic Nanorod Arrays for Broadband All-Optical Switching”, ACS Nano, (2017)
  • Peijun Guo, Robert P.H. Chang, Richard D. Schaller, “Transient Negative Optical Nonlinearity of Indium Oxide Nanorod Arrays in the Full-Visible Range”, ACS Photonics, (2017)
  • Julia E. Medvedeva, D. Bruce Buchholz, Robert P.H. Chang, “Recent Advances in Understanding the Structure and Properties of Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors”, Advanced Electronic Materials, (2017)
  • Kai Chen, Peijun Guo, Thang Duy Dao, Shi Qiang Li, Satoshi Ishiii, Tadaaki Nagao, Robert P.H. Chang, “Protein-Functionalized Indium-Tin Oxide Nanoantenna Arrays for Selective Infrared Biosensing”, Advanced Optical Materials, (2017)
  • Peijun Guo, Robert P.H. Chang, Richard D. Schaller, “Tunable infrared hyperbolic metamaterials with periodic indium-tin-oxide nanorods”, Applied Physics Letters, (2017)
  • Nicholas D. Eastham, Alexander S. Dudnik, Thomas J. Aldrich, Eric F. Manley, Thomas J. Fauvell, Patrick E. Hartnett, Michael R. Wasielewski, Lin X. Chen, Ferdinand S. Melkonyan, Antonio Facchetti, Robert P.H. Chang, Tobin J. Marks, “Small Molecule Acceptor and Polymer Donor Crystallinity and Aggregation Effects on Microstructure Templating”, Chemistry of Materials, (2017)
  • Yamuna Ezhumalai, Byunghong Lee, Miao Syuan Fan, Boris Harutyunyan, Kumaresan Prabakaran, Chuan Pei Lee, Sheng Hsiung Chang, Jen Shyang Ni, Sureshraju Vegiraju, Pragya Priyanka, Ya Wen Wu, Chia Wei Liu, Shuehlin Yau, Jiann T. Lin, Chun Guey Wu, Michael J. Bedzyk, Robert P.H. Chang, Ming Chou Chen, Kuo Chuan Ho, Tobin J. Marks, “Metal-free branched alkyl tetrathienoacene (TTAR)-based sensitizers for high-performance dye-sensitized solar cells”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, (2017)